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Exclusive Listing

With our full representation, you will achieve the biggest value, return, and experience with your sale. Guaranteed.
Our in-depth knowledge of your current market and professional observations of buyer psychology trends uniquely formulate into an analysis based off facts, not predictions that sound good. We’d love to see what we can do for you, talk to an agent and find out the #1 rule of successfully selling real estate!


This service can be conducted on the buyer’s behalf, seller’s behalf, or both. A standard residential purchase agreement over 30 pages with tiny writing When it comes to big money transactions like real estate it’s usually a very good idea to let the experts handle the details.
We are fully insured for any errors or omissions so this is a great alternative if you aren’t in need of full services or representation but want to protect yourself from the hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions in potential liability.

For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

Statistically the odds are stacked against a FSBO. If the property sells, it usually sells for substantially less than if it were listed than a brokerage. Would you pay the same amount for an identical, never washed/worn brand-new shirt at a garage sale as you would in a retail store like Macy’s? Probably not. Why not? There is no difference in the merchandise. Whatever the reason, the same phenomenon applies to real estate.
Besides pricing the biggest hurdle a FSBO faces is exposure. Over 80% of active, qualified buyers are represented by a realtor and do their searching through the non-public MLS portal. Lack of exposure also fertilizes another value-killer: Time on market.
For a flat, up-front fee of $600 we will list your property on MLS along with all the .com sites like Zillow and Trulia with 18 high-resolution professional photos and a full description. Your professional exposure aspect is handled. You take it from there.
Should your property not sell in that timeframe and we mutually agree on an exclusive listing, you will be refunded your initial $600 investment at commencement of closing. Contact Derek for more information.
Note: FSBO’s should still expect to pay a percentage to the brokerage who procures a buyer in addition to this fee


Moving out-of-state? It’s hard enough to find a qualified agent even here, much less across the country. Allow us connect you with someone in our network who demonstrates the same high standards as us, at no cost to you.


Let’s be real; divorce sucks and can be very strenuous on finances. Dividing the biggest asset sometimes requires selling your property and we are here with the personal care and empathy to address the situation.
Talk to Derek about our exclusive $500 cash back at the commencement of closing, to be equally distributed between each party, or otherwise mutually negotiated, when sale is a result of divorce. Start your new chapter with some extra coin in your pocket.
Please contact Derek for details.


Unlimited and always free. Connect with any one of us for free, no obligation, non-fluff, non-salesy answers to any of your questions. If we don’t know the answer we aren’t going to pretend; we’ll find someone who does.