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Exclusive Representation

If you are a buyer, you want this hands down. Besides a small admin fee, it’s free. Have a licensed, qualified agent guide you through the process of buying by showing you homes fitting your specific criteria, education, negotiating terms, and fully protecting your interests.

The key is finding an agent who is the best fit for what you need. Be careful as many agents will try to shove paperwork in your face upon meeting so don’t sign anything until you are comfortable working with that particular agent/brokerage. Shop around. There are over 10,000 licensed agents in the metro alone so you won’t have to look far.


This service can be conducted on the buyer’s behalf, seller’s behalf, or both. A standard residential purchase agreement over 30 pages with tiny writing When it comes to big money transactions like real estate it’s usually a very good idea to let the experts handle the details.
We are fully insured for any errors or omissions so this is a great alternative if you aren’t in need of full services or representation but want to protect yourself from the hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions in potential liability.


Moving out-of-state? It’s hard enough to find a qualified agent even here, much less across the country. Allow us connect you with someone in our network who demonstrates the same high standards as us, at no cost to you.


Need to rent now? Allow us to connect you with rental properties on MLS.

Minnesota isn’t like other states where realtors spend just as much time on rentals as they do on sales, however, we do have options and referrals. To be completely honest rentals are not our strong suit, but we will see what we can do…. we might know someone!


Unlimited and always free. Connect with any one of us for free, no obligation, non-fluff, non-salesy answers to any of your questions. If we don’t know the answer we aren’t going to pretend; we’ll find someone who does.

New Construction

All builders’ agents are representing the builder, not you. Since they help you design everything it appears they are working for you, but they are not; they are there to maximize the builders’ profits. Get a licensed agent to represent you. It’s free and they will assist in catching the little loopholes and costs associated with new construction.

Future Homebuyers

It’s never too early to prepare for your biggest purchase of life. Do you have a 3-year plan? 5-year plan? Contact us and together we will hatch a timeline to success. We can hook you up with free credit consultation, financial advice, and all the resources you will need so when you take the leap you will be educated, confident, and in the best position possible for buying.
We customize the plan to fit your needs and guide you with encouragement and professional support. Contact us to see what we can do!