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Make Short-Term Holiday Home-Buying Pain Worth the Long-Term Wealth Gain!

Why Buy Between December and February?

  • The market declines during the holidays/early year, making home prices to plateau and drop!
  • Active buyer activity is lower = less competition = the price and negotiations tip in your favor as a buyer.
  • Interest rates are still super low, save thousands annually & supercharge your buying power!
  • Contrary to popular belief there are still plenty of motivated sellers out there.
  • Houses look their best in the spring/summer. Buy when they look their worst battling the elements!!! It’s a more informed decision!!
  • Have a roommate now? Buy, rent them a room, have more space, and build your wealth!!
  • Leases can be re-negotiated!  Don’t let waiting for a lease to end in the spring/summer stop you from getting the deals winter has to offer.  I can help!
  • It’s easier and costs less than you may think!!  Contact me to secure your $500 cash closing gift and get started

Why Choose Mango Realty to Represent You?

  • Accountability with expertise and integrity

I fiercely protect your interests like a second dad who does this all the time.  This is business of course but it’s personal too!  Accountability and care dilutes 2x and margin of error doubles for every single person added to working the transaction; how many people do you think work a single transaction in teams or groups?

  • Demonstrated success in both sides of a transaction

Teams/groups typically assign roles; each agent does only the buyer side or only the listing side.  I do both.  Knowing how the other side works from experience is monumentally advantageous.

  • Simplicity and authenticity with best practices

I cut out all the unnecessary flare and get the job done.  I don’t do classes or workshops — all the learning is one-on-one, hands-on, and I along with other industry professionals are with you every step of the way.  You will end up more informed, confident, and my clients report it makes the experience more enjoyable.

  • All my referral partners are independent of me and each other

If you don’t have your own connections already, my referral partners in the buying process perform at their best independently because they have their own small business reputation to protect; big brand names that do everything in-house cannot give you this kind of assurance and oftentimes it ends up being more costly for you, the client.

  • I utilize a technique that almost no other agent does or considers!

Contact me for details.  Only disclosed to serious, non-licensed inquiries.  It’s the secret sauce that works!!

  • Authentic Five-Star Reviews from Happy Clients and Professionals in the Business

Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, actual past client references available upon request.

  • LIMITED TIME Special Holiday Offer $500 cash at closing!!!! Exclusive Representation and full services is FREE!!  Sign up to get started

NOTE:  Signing up commits you to NOTHING, it only secures your $500 cash gift *IF* you decide to use Mango Realty LLC in an exclusive relationship for your real estate service!!  There is literally no obligation, mysterious qualifiers, or funny business with this offer!!

  • In contract with me but don’t trust me anymore? Think I’m doing a bad job? Walk away for free & I pay YOU!  My work is Warrantied!!  Ever hear of an agent doing that?

I guarantee you the highest level of service or you get paid!  See terms and conditions  for the service warranty and $500 limited-time cash gift offer

Ready to get started?  Sign Up before 01/01/2020 to reserve your $500 gift at closing when you are!  There is NO EXPIRATION on this offer if you sign up before 01/01/2020, simply signing up reserves your $500 cash gift at closing for whenever you are ready to enter an exclusive contractual relationship for your real estate endeavors with Mango Realty LLC.  Consultation is free with no obligation.  The book is free too!

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